Being More Eco-Friendly | Biovène

Being More Eco-Friendly | Biovène

Being more environmentally friendly on the environment has become somerthing I’ve tried to action a lot more in the past six months than I did before. We’re more aware of what can be recycled to waste less. I’ve changed my cotton pads to reusable ones and recently I received the Biovene Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars to try out from Love Lula. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars are something I’ve not tried before and so this was a great opportunity to try them out for the first time. Biovene is a company that do a lot of different skincare products including masks and serums. The most popular of the shampoo and conditioner bars are the Biotin & Apple Cider and they smell delicious.


I took these away with me to use for the first time at Center Parcs. I thought it be the more approproiate place to have them seeing as we were only going away for a few nights and I wanted to try and pack as lightly as possible. That’s one of the first benefits of not having to take big bottles of shampoo and conditioner with you. These shampoo bars weigh 40g each and free up extra space in your luggage for any extra bits you want to pack. The shampoo is a green colour and the conditioner is in white. That helps to distinguish them once they’ve been removed from the boxes.

Biovene is a brand that prides itself on producing brands that are free of parabens, silicone and Phthalates. They don’t test on animals which is fantastic, so they’re really the modern day brand that most older companies should be aspiring to be like. I had my reservations when it came to the shampoo and conditioner bars and whether they’d produce enough of the product onto my hair, so let’s talk about them individually.


Moisture Volume Solid Shampoo
The price of these bars isn’t cheap, however they do claim that the bars themselves will last as long as one and half bottles of generic shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo bar was definitely my favourite of the two. The reason that is, is because it didn’t take much rubbing of the bar to get it lathered and onto my hair. I rubbed the bar in my hands for a few seconds and then started rubbing it gently on my head. The only thing I’d say about the bar is that I do feel it could cause more hair breakages if you’re too rigorous with it. The smell is delightful and anything fruity is going to always be a tick for me when it comes to haircare products.

Moisture Volume Solid Conditioner
The conditioner bar was a little harder to work with and I felt like I wasn’t getting enough product out of the bar and onto my hair. That being said, it still cleaned my hair, so perhaps I’m just not used to the fact the consistency and how it feels in my hair, will be different to what I usually use in liquid form. Again, it’s a really lovely scent and I like that they’ve varied the colour to make sure you don’t use the same one both times by mistake.

Overall, I’d definitely rate these as a good alternative to bottles and I’m hoping that other brands follow suit and create solid versions of their shampoo and conditioners. It seems like such an easy move and they’re more than suitable for any type of hair. My partner used them over the weekend too and found them very useful for his shorter hair.

What do you think of Biovene Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars? Let me know in the comments below. You can buy the shampoo and conditioner bars through LoveLula, so go check out the entire range there!


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